Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I have very little experience with yoga in general, although I do have a very basic understanding of what yoga is as a philosophy. I attended one yoga class in high school and to be completely honest, I did not find it to be a preferable way of exercising. Personally, I feel most comfortable and work most efficiently under intense pressure and at a fast pace. To relax my body and my mind completely is a skill I have yet to learn.

I decided to take this course because it worked into my schedule well and the other course offered sounded less interesting - but after the first day of class, I truly am excited for what I will gain from the topics and exercises covered in class. While I do hope to become physically stronger and more relaxed, I am most interested in the spiritual/philosophical benefits from practicing yoga. I expect the memoirs to be especially useful because of how unique one's experience is with yoga, particularly as it is often practiced as a therapeutic tool in response to some life-altering occurrence.